About this book

This book was born from a cry.

When the hospital in its entire essence, the patients and the members of staff, found themselves by turn ill-equipped, contaminated, dehumanised and cut off from the world.

When caring for others took a completely new turn, the means were lacking.

When the very fact of touching, kissing, looking became a threat, was even forbidden.

When pain and anger kicked in, as words could no longer find a path.

What is left to us?

Above this silence, there are words, shared solidarity, contained moments of intimacy, comforting caresses of language, looks that take you elsewhere.

This book is a path towards oneself and towards others, a collective, powerful and committed work.

We would like to thank all the members of staff of Iris Sud Hospitals, who accepted to be photographed by Gaël Turine, who sent or recorded their texts so that they could be compiled by Caroline Lamarche.

It is a rare opportunity for a hospital to welcome artists into its midst. They have given us an immense gift by coming to us during a time of trouble. The super hero capes have fallen away to allow art and emotion to take their place.

We are happy to be able to share our story with you and in doing so to make it universal.

Doctor Alain Bauler
Chairman of the Medical Council

Catherine Goldberg
General Manager

Jean Spinette
Chairman of the Board of Directors